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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 19, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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woman who appeared for mona lisa. she may have been buried in a church in 1542. researchers will use comparisons to ancestors alive today. not everyone is happy. we eleven you with that. here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. the news begins anew on "studio b." russian and china stops action against the murderous regime in syria. like it would have helped. and it sparked strong words from the united states. that is ahead. and a new jobless report claims that fueling fears of economic slow down is upon us. but, the jobs data may have more to do with seasonal changes not auto industry. context and perspective coming up. a new investigation into mr. hot tub's former organization. the general services administration accused of
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spending nearly $300,000 on an awards ceremony. >> that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, syrian state media today released pictures report reportedly showing president bashar al-assad alive after a bomb killed members of the inner circle. president bashar al-assad is shown swearing in the new defense minister but did not report when or where. we cannot confirm the images because syria puts severe restrictions on journalists after the bombing of a my level security meeting in damascus that killed reportedly three senior senior officials including the defense minister and president assad's brother-in-law. president assad himself has not appeared in public since the attack. and the united nations security council today failed to pass a new resolution designed to put pressure on the syrian regime.
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because russia and china used their veto power for the third time siding with the syrian government as it murders their people. activists say the syrian uprising has killed 17,000, men and women and children since march. and many of the syrian people like this child in this picture, have been calling on the world to do something to stop the slaughter. and we are live at the united nations this afternoon. angry words for the united states in the wake of the the latest veto. >>jonathan: officials are clearly extremely frustrated at the complete and utter inability of the security council to find any unanimity on a path forward over syria and a path for any resolution. the official could hardly claim to be surprised by the russian and chinese vetoes, the two countried indicated all along they would veto any resolution that included any sort of threat of punitive action against the
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syrian regime. so the point of the vote was merely to try to get russia and china on the record, vetoing this resolution and, then, to try to shame them as u.s. arch to ambassador to the u.n. did. ought security coin has -- counsel has failed in its important task this year. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad. and allow this council to play its proper role at the center of the international response to the crisis in syria. >>jonathan: the truth of the matter is, does, in its failure to come to agreement on what to do about syria, the united nations has in essence, left
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itself irrelevant to events on the ground. >>shepard: there are those who suggest time is running out given the attack yesterday and the word from so many that the regime seems to be crumbling. >>jonathan: the events are moving so fast that is why diplomats are irrelevant to what is going on. president bashar al-assad seems to have two choices: flee or fight. for the moment, given the violence we have seen perpetrated against the rebels today in damascus, he is choosing the latter case. to stay and fight to what will undoubtedly be a bitter and bloody end. we are also hearing varying reports that the rebels may have taken control of one and possibly all of the border crossings between iraq and syria. that is significant in the sense that it could on the doors for more al qaeda to go into syria from iraq but it is not as
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significant as if the rebels took the western border into lebanon or the northern border into turkey. it appears that time is running out for president assad but he clearly, it seems is not going to give up without a fight. >>shepard: that is clear, thank you at the united nations. and now to judith miller, adjunct fellow at manhattan institute. fight or flee. he is clearly fighting. >>guest: that is right. yesterday we talked about 36 hours which is what the state department was saying, that is when we would know in the next 36 hours which course the war would take, now we know. two thing could have happened. one, he could have fled or made arrangements to flee or contacted the united nations or the united states or someone saying he wanted out. or he wanted to negotiate. or, two, the russians could have indicated they were willing to abandon him.
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neither of those things has happened. so, now, we are on the course to a more horrible war. >>shepard: the bubble, now, the bubbling is whether he will use chemical weapons. but the bigger question could be, whether the troops would actually use them if he orders them deployed. >>guest: the regime if the army decides it will not carry out orders from the commander in chief. since it is an army that is led by the minority that rule the country, but is still 70 percent sunni, there are only a certain number of troops who are deemed "reliable," and therefore the troops are spread very, very thin in the areas that need to be protected because they are not, for example, in the golan heights and the israelis claim that jihads are sneaking in posing a threat to israel. so israel, which is not terribly worried of the use of chemical weapons against its own people,
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is worried of the infiltration on the border. >>shepard: we will report later in this area on the bombing of a bus and an area where a bunch of israelis were. how concerned is israel about a wider conflict in the region. >>guest: very concerned. ultimately the enemy is iran and syria is iran's only dependable arab ally, so the iranians have a great deal at stake. >>shepard: and you wonder how the iranians will react. how much of a direct role they will play. >>guest: they would like this at the moment not to be very direct role. they want the syrians, the russians and the chinese, to take the lead because for them this is wonderful. right now, nobody is worrying about the nuclear program. nobody is putting the pressure on them to stop doing what they are doing which was enriching to an ever greater degree, uranium. >>shepard: iran has an umbrella. >>guest: they have a free pass because of the attention on syria. >>shepard: a lot to report
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there. thank you. >> new numbers show a big jump not number of americans seeking jobless benefits. it reversed a drop from the previous week as a lot people thought. first time claims up 34,000 according to the labor department after a steep decline led to the lowest level of jobless claims in four years. analysts are blaming the up-and-down seasonal factors, such as annual summertime layoffs in the auto industry but this is making it tough to tell if the labor market is getting worse, better or hanging in the middle. gerri willis is with us today. when do we get a picture of what the economy is doing here? >>gerri: seasonal distortions will continue for a while. typically in the summer, automakers shut down the production line to retool for the fall when they have new models but they said they have enough demand they are
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continuing production. that means the bureau of labor statistics, the models are confused so we can expect the confusion to continue. >>shepard: but the recovery is slow. how does this affect housing? gear -- >>gerri: housing market is struggle, nowhere near the rate of six million homes in a good year. but the good news, mortgage rates at a new record low, 3.53 percent. if you have even thought, had even a fancy, of buying a new house, now is the time to do it. you may never see these rates again. >>shepard: we have been saying that for a year. >>gerri: and they keep going lower. >>shepard: but 3.3 percent, if you get 15 year fixed you get less than 3 percent. >> could the ft. hood massacre have been prevented with a simple investigation? today the republican lawmaker who claims the f.b.i. failed to
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follow-up on warnings signs of the accused shooter. we will have the details in a new report next. and a blue embarrassment for the government agency that brought us music videos, clowns, and mr. hot tub. the g.s.a. awards. coming up. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today.
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>>shepard: a new report shows the f.b.i. found a lot of warning sides before the ft. hood massacre but did not investigate the shooter because he was a muslim. according to that report the f.b.i. considered the muslim issue too sensitive to pursue. that is according to a g.o.p. lawmaker who saw the review conducted by a former f.b.i. director including findings that the f.b.i. learned the army psychologist, nidal malik hasan, sent e-mails to anwar al-awlaki, 13 people died, dozens more
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wounded in the attack at army post back in 2009. a judge recently delayed the shooting suspect's court-martial until next month. and catherine is live in washington. a lost disconnects here, cat. >>reporter: that is right. the f.b.i. initially thought major nidal malik hasan was a communication specialist, and as a result the f.b.i. did not send out a warning fearing he could read it. the washington joint terrorism task force decided thought to interview the superiors because they feared hurting his career prospects in the military. nidal malik hasan has grown a beard in defiance of army regulations exchanged e-mails with the american clerk in yemen killed last year bit cia and this was not shared by the f.b.i. with the army investigators. i believe the f.b.i., through their joint terrorism task forces had information about
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mr. hasan's communications with mr. al-awlaki in yemen, and the number one terrorist next to bin laden, specific communications, that should have put them on high alert. >>reporter: f.b.i. agents have faulted the army because he had glowing performance reviews that did not reflect the fact that on at least three occasions he openly justified the use of suicide bombings and bin laden's writing in the classroom. >>shepard: are we expecting a declassified version of this report at some point? >>reporter: well, federal law enforcement sources told fox that the f.b.i. wants to push out a declassified version of the report by the end of the week and it could come as early as today. congress members are also calling for an immediate public, i think, and others have to see what the recommendations are so we can see, is the f.b.i. being held
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accountable? are they going to do what the judge recommends. i will see it. and we will press it be made public. >>reporter: fox news reported that there were 18 formal recommendations but the key is how many of the recommendations already in place by the f.b.i. because the report was more than two years in the making. >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. the troubles federal agency in charge of controlling government waste is, again, under fire for spending habits. the general services administration is under investigation for $270,000 awards ceremony that it held in a washington suburb back in 2010. it happened shortly after the now famous $800,000 conference in las vegas with a clown and mind reader. the guy known as mr. hot tub resigned amid the scandal as did the head of the agency.
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now, the g.s.a.'s new leadership is raising more questions about the history of lavish spending. and shannon is live in washington, dc. what do we know of this new event? >>reporter: it was called an awards certificate honey with -- awards is ceremony with food and drunk and $20,758 spent on 4,000 drumsticks. leader is what g.s.a. says today "when we find serious issues we refer theto the office of inspector general as we did in this case and we continue a top-to-bottom review and further reforms are forthcoming." and the event included $8,500 for appearance by "agent x." >>shepard: how many leaders of righteous indignation? >>reporter: they upset holding press conferences saying g.s.a. has not changed and a number of lawmakers are concerned that g.s.a. has signed a lease for
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$350 million without going through congress saying that is required by law. california republican says that the american people elect members so they will know how the taxpayer dollars are being spent. >> that is why they elect us. elect congress to come in and approve these. or not approve them. but, have an up-or-down vote. but to go around congress is another way do show that g.s.a. is spending lavishly with no control. >>reporter: lawmakers land to have a hearing on the discoveries in the next couple of weeks. >>shepard: thank you from capitol hill. >> convicted of conspiracy for selling cigarettes. a man could spend years in prison after making more than $100 million on smokes. details on that ahead. and remember the naked airport guy? the guy who stripped down to protest the ridiculous t.s.a. procedures? and the prosecution slapped him with charges because he got down to his budget -- birthday suit?
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that is coming up.
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>>shepard: a cigarette dealer awaits sentencing after a court convicted him of helping to fuel a black market of cigarettes. the prosecution says this guy pocketed more than, get ready now, $130 million selling untaxed cigarettes do native americans at the peace pipe smoke shop on new york's long island. the lawyers say he knew some of the customers resole the goods off the reservation and the prosecution blames him for a string of violent crimes and one murder related to cigarettes. a judge threw out the conviction on corruption charges saying new york laws regarding tax are too vague but the day before yesterday a three judge panel
12:23 pm
re-instated the guilty verdict and said the man engaged in large-scale cigarette bootlegging. actually, that was monday. not tuesday. but the former prosecution and fox news legal analyst is with us, and the criminal defense attorney randy zelin. $138 million tax free, and, some people would come to the store and buy, like, 60,000 packs of smokes at a time. you have a hard time sucking that many down in a big weekend. >>arthur: in a year. was it 60,000 packs or cigarettes? >>shepard: a large number. >>arthur: 3,000 packs which, you have to smoke 8 1/2 packs a day action year, which is 175 cigarette as day. ding, ding, ding, this guy does not know he not selling it to an individual user but to a guy who is going somewhere else, his own store and selling them and the
12:24 pm
other guy is collecting tax without paying the tax. the court is like, he is guilty. >>shepard: fine gig if you can get it. >>randy: the purpose of having laws is to put an ordinary citizen on notice what they can and cannot do so, a brilliant jurist, brilliant judge, said, you know what, i can't make heads or tails of the law and add to that, the 2nd circuit said we are going to throw the interpretation of whether it is okay to sell on the reservation and the cigarettes go off we will leave it to the new york state court of appeals. so the judge is saying, i can't figure it out. the 2nd court punting to the court of appeals. how is morris supposed to know what he was doing wrong, and --. >>shepard: what do you mean? >>arthur: no, no, no.
12:25 pm
>>randy: the new york state tax law says you are prohibited from taxing cigarettes sold on an indian reservation. the federal law says, contraband cigarettes are defined as selling more than 10,000 cigarettes that don't have a tax stamp but the law says you don't tax cigarettes sold on the reservation. bottom line, you do not do --. >>arthur: the court of appeals says the guy did it, he is guilty. and sentence him to jail on the guilty charge. >>shepard: sometimes the government sets themself up for this sort of thing to happen. we were at the all-star game in kansas city last week. cigarettes were $4.30 a pack. here they are more than $14.30 a pack, so would wouldn't try to figure a way to get them from in missouri where they sell them for that amount? >>randy: the problem is in new york state they look the other
12:26 pm
way, there was forbearance. on the indian reservation, buy cigarettes, don't pay taxes. >>arthur: not 60,000. that is if a friend of yours is a smoker and wants two cartons. not 60,000. >>shepard: two cartons is the legal amount to carry from kansas city to new york. >> the white house today blasted china and russia for blocking the resolution against the syrian regime now white house officials tell the fox news that the u.s. is keeping a close cry on -- a close eye on syria's chemical stockpiles. bulgarian officials say the man who launched an attack on israeli tourists was carrying a fake driver's license from ... michigan. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack. my brother doesn't look like heart attack patient.
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because you never know what lies around the corner. to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>shepard: i'm shepard smith, this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the white house called out russia and china in a big way for blocking a new attempt to stop syria from killing their people. russia and china vetoed the resolution that called for new economic punishment on the syrian government. the white house press secretary charge any told -- carney told reporters russia and china are on the wrong side of syrian people, hope, and stability in the region. current and former white house officials are telling fox news
12:31 pm
that the u.s. and allies nowhere the syrian regime is storing most of the chemical weapons. that's the top story. and james is at the state department this afternoon. >> the paramount concern if senior officials here at the state department and over at the national security council is, as you say, keeping practice of the syrian regime's stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. in my interviews today with current and former u.s. officials, as indicated, the u.s. and allied intelligence agencies have a good fix on where most of them are as they fear a complete breakdown of authority in syria that could turn it into a lawless state. at the u.n. security council today, american diplomats used stronger than usual language to denoun the russians and the chinese for the issuing of vetoes on new sanctions against syria. our ambassador denounced now and beijing for "paranoid and disingenuous behavior," and warned before the vote blocking the sanctions will in effect
12:32 pm
cost more innocent likes. >> the per pet situation of -- perpetuating of this, is a recipe for increased terrorism and a proxy war that could engulf the region. >> state-run syrian television shows images purporting to be syrian president bashar al-assad swearing in the new defense minister, formerly the army chief of staff but made no public comments and officials here in washington continue to say they don't know where he is. that ceremony, however, marked the first time assad has been seen since the assassination of three members of his national security team yesterday. this operational and psychological shock to the assad regime, also delivered a jolt to policymakers here in washington, dc, who are forced to contemplate his departure taking place more rapidly than they believed. today the chairman of the house of representatives armed services committee indicated that top brass at the pentagon
12:33 pm
including the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, are businessing for any number of scenarios. >> i am comfortable the secretary and chairman are very much engageed and tuned in to what we should be doing or not doing there. and, i'm sure they are able to give the commander in chief good advice on what we should do. >>reporter: the diplomats are in contact with the syrian rebels. we were told there was contacts overnight. one thing the u.s. is stressing to the syrian opposition, is that in any post assad era there must be respect for religious minorities in syria. >>shepard: thank you, james, from the state department. all the suspect in the deadly sue aside attack on israeli tourists was carrying a fake driver's license from the state of michigan in bulgaria where the bomber killed seven including himself. he was seen walking through an airport terminal in a town near
12:34 pm
the black sea and moments later he debt to to -- detonated a bomb outside. what do we know about bomber so far, jennifer? >>reporter: the fake michigan driver's license survived nearly intact and authorities have shared it with the f.b.i. and with the israelis. the suspect's name was jacques martin, a white male and home address in louisiana which suggests it is clearly fake since no one can obtain an american driver's license with a home address in a different state. the security camera video show as young man with long hair presumed a wig, pacing nervously back-and-forth inside the airport. he is dressed line a tourist. the explosives were in the backpack. it is not clear whether he meant to kill himself. >> how much concern about what israel might do to iran over this? >>reporter: well, there is
12:35 pm
concern at the pentagon. james just reported this. about securing syria's chemical weapons as the assad regime is crumbling. the united states is cooperating with israeli and bulgarians to figure out who was behind the attack and reached out to president obama's top security advisor and counterrism advisor brennan about the attack. israel's prime minister blamed iran. the defense minister blamed iran's proxy, hezbollah. >> obviously we will work closely with bulgarians to assist them in any way with their investigation of this terrible attack. >>reporter: one defense official say the israelis usually respond to suicide bombings with targeted assassinations of those who sent the bomber. all in good type. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer, from capitol hill, this afternoon. >> and now mike barrett is a former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of
12:36 pm
defense. and currently the c.e.o. of diligent innovations, a washington, dc, consulting firm. whether iran or hezbollah, it is all iran, and i guess the game of trying to figure what israel might do next, is that worth playing? >>guest: absolutely. what you see is iran and, of course, hezbollah has ties to syria so it is murky who may have sent them but what you see from both syria or iran, a desire to bring in the israelis because when they do that they feel that the rest of the middle east will rally around their side and they can distract in anything happening. the iranian nuclear program, the atrocities in syria. things like that. the goal at this point for anyone who would want to carry this out is to use someone that cannot be tied directly to them but hope to catch israel in a counter punch because if they strike back openly and hard you are going to see a regional uprising against israel.
12:37 pm
>>shepard: and normally as jennifer said, cross borders are normally targeted strikes and you cannot finger the israelis specifically. right? >>guest: well, that is right. the most likely scenario looking at it as a citizen without access to the intelligence community information is that this is tit for tat for the israelis taking out the nuclear scientists in iran. that is what you would expect as a bake intelligence read on this. but as i say, we live in a new era where states do not take each other they use proxies and we will see. israel will use whatever tactics they deem present if they determine it is the iranians they will go after the nuclear program hard and they will strike hezbollah at the next available opportunity. >>shepard: you can often figure out what hezbollah's activity is by looking north of israel in lebanon. what do we hear from that region?
12:38 pm
are they activating? >>guest: that is one thing. both sides ready up for the conflict and weapons are flowing and then rockets come in. and the israelis will retaliate with war planes. and you create hysteria on both sides. it looks like this is most likely a strike determined to try to get the israelis to provoke them into a big retaliation so that they can then solidify domestically the opinion on the street, on the arab street. >>shepard: thank you, mike barrett. all folks flying to london for the summer games could face big delays or other headaches next week because the union representing airport immigration staff report that thousands of their members will go on strike. nice timing. so kind of you. the workers are protesting against job losses and salary cuts. the planned 24 hour strike will take place a week from today, a
12:39 pm
day before the opening ceremony. news from the future. they figure something out. a london official says the government has back up plans if the workers walk off the job. travelers have complained of the long lines at heathrow in the run up to the olympics. all police say they have the guy on the video trying to kidnap a little girl. you have seen this? the camera was rolling as he grabbed the girl on a sidewalk as she was walking along with her baby brother. next, the latest from the cops. how that child, a 10-year old, managed to save herself. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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12:43 pm
... >> is there anything without do differently in retrospect? >> no, sir. >>shepard: no, i would still kill him. it was god's plan. later on george zimmerman said he still wished he could have done anything to prevent being in a position where he had to kill the 17-year-old trayvon martin. this morning, trayvon martin's parents talked. >> i didn't understand what he was thinking saying it was god's plan that he murdered our child. and i really don't understand what god he worships because it is not same god that i worship. >>shepard: both thought the shooter's apology was insincere and george zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges and he was released on bond this month. all surveillance video show as ten-year-old girl narrowly escaping the grasp of a would-be kidnapper in broad daylight. incredible video.
12:44 pm
cops have arrested a suspect in the case in philadelphia. the man, see the two on the sidewalk. and the dude approaches on the left. and grabs her. picks her up. she fights back. police say the man ran away after the brother started to scream. the 2-year-old. and cops say he took off in this white car, see him go there? all happened two days ago. police report that the suspect turned himself in last night and he now faces charges of attempted kidnapping and assault. trace is following developments on this. man, that's incredible to see that happen. to see parents quivering over that. >>trace: the suspect has been identified now, a 33-year-old who has had runs in puerto rico and philadelphia including accusations he sexually molested a child in his family. those charges were later dropped. police say the suspect turned himself in at the request of his family and his family's pastor.
12:45 pm
police interviewed him last night and they let him go and went back and rearrested him this morning. listen. >> because of the press conference they had yesterday, because of all the information, because of all of you sharing information with the public, this defendant knew that he could not keep walking the streets. and that people were going do come and get him. >>trace: there are also reports that the ten-year-old girl is also positively identified that suspect as her attacker. >>shepard: that ten-year-old saved her own life. >>trace: and the cops, they say she struck back first, and this guy, he parked on side of the road. he started following the two kids. he walked up behind her. grabs her. and puts her hand over his meth. and she bit down and she dropped to the ground. the brother, as you said, the two-year-old screamed the whole
12:46 pm
while. the mother was stunned by the video but grateful the girl's father kept talking to her about this very scenario and showed her the videos online, the stranger-danger videos and she followed them. you can see she ran for help as soon as the suspect fled. and she really did go a long way to saving her own life. trace, thanks so much. >> a bank robber armed with ak-47 is on the loose. the f.b.i. reports he shot and wounded a police officer after a heist in california. and it is linked to two other bank robberies. surveillance video of this guy is released, in addition to the assault rifle, that is the cop's phrase, the guy wear as mask and bullet proof vest, or bullet resistant vest, and we told he last struck july 6 in seattle. f.b.i. offering $20,000 reward. >> the prosecution says a mother hacked into the computer system
12:47 pm
at her school, at her kid's school to change the kid's grade. she said she didn't think it was illegal. now our illegal panel debates it. and it could come soon. it could soon become easier to register to vote. log on to facebook. well, i can think of some groups that won't like that!
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>>shepard: a mother in pennsylvania faces six felony charges over hacking into a school district's computer system and changed her kid's grades. cops state mom is a former secretary for the district who used a superintendent's own password to access the system. cops say mom admitted to changing the grade and said she thought her abcs were unethical
12:51 pm
but not illegal. back to the legal panel, fox news legal analyst and defense attorney. this was not just a couple times. she charged with doing which 110 times. one time, listen to this, one time she changed her kid's grade from a 98 to a 99. the risk reward thing is not very good. >>arthur: what an example to your children. >>shepard: this is taking things to a new level. >>arthur: you know, i hope there is a chemical imbalance or something that can explain this. it is so wrong on so many levels. i don't what is worse, this mom or the dad at the little league game whose start punching the referees and umpires because the kid did not get the right call. >>randy: i don't know that it was god's well but thank god judges have discretions and we have a spectrum wrongdoing. the fact she did this to change a grade one point, the fact she
12:52 pm
--. >>shepard: no, i was talking about just that one time. you realize you have done something wrong so many times that you will change it one number? >>randy: but what happened you look at what she did compared it your typical computer hacking case. for financial reason. cause damage.e. that's --. >>arthur: this could hurt someone. this is high school. >>randy: she didn't hurt anybody. >>arthur: randy, your kid is in the high school and your kid is applying to hard verdict and -- to harvard and so is her kid --. >>randy: so changing the f to a medical excuse will keep my kid from going to harvard? come on. what she it is wrong, but, again, give and felonous and it will be resolved. she will not go to jail. she could use, perhaps, a little bit of supervision but come on, a criminal? stop it.
12:53 pm
stop it. >>arthur: federal crime. send her away. >>randy: death penalty. drone her. >>shepard: she was released on $30,000 unsecured bail. >>randy: she signed a piece of paper that said if she doesn't come to court she forfeits $30,000. >>shepard: what do you want for mommy dearest. >>arthur: children of america do not cheat. >>shepard: she used three different computers to gain access. one from home. one from the school district and one associated with qbc. after leaving the high school district she had jobs with the district and a televised online shopping network, 110 time she made changes. they were intentional, to obtain protected information. it doesn't sound like the
12:54 pm
prosecution ised with to go, fine, momly. >>arthur: you are bold. >>shepard: bold but not fresh. >>randy: come on, put it in proper perspective. >>shepard: thank you, boys. >> washington state will become the first state in the country to allow voter registration on the facebook. according to a spokesman for the washington secretary of state's office the effort will launch this month. facebook and microsoft developed this application. all eligible residents need to enter the name, birthdate and driver's license number and away you go. news from the story. people are unhappy about easy voter registration. all remember naked guy? he stripped down at security checkpoint. to make a point. he said it was his right under the first amendment. he said i am not going do blow up the plane. i just want to fly. here. take my clothes off.
12:55 pm
indecent exposure charges. a judge ruled. guess what? that is ahead. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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>>shepard: before we wrap up "studio b" the naked airport guy is free. you may remember this, his performance at portland international airport back in april. he said he was tired of the transportation security administration procedures. who isn't? and when agents said explosives were detected upon him he proved them wrong. by stripping down. in fact, to the birthday suit. the prosecution charges him with indecent exposure. yesterday in court a judge decided he is not guilty. the judge said he was protected by the first amendment because it was "political speech." he appeared in "studio b" in may and said everyone has problems with the t.s.a. and his just happened to get a lot of attention. and now back to the legal panel,
12:59 pm
former prosecutor and legal analyst, arthur aidala, and randy zelin. >>arthur: the judge said he had no intent. the intent wasn't just to expose himself but to say he had nothing. let me go law the metal detector. >>randy: the naked truth. >>shepard: we have the experts on. is there a cliff nearby, randy? >> there was a time -- maybe we should end the program a minute early today. anyone have anything else? this is not god's will. this is not god's will. it can't be. >>randy: doing the best i can. >>shepard: what else? >>arthur: i don't know if this sets a precedence and we will see a bunch of people running naked through the airport. >>shepard: they do not scan anything except


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